purple sunglasses

I spy with my little eye
The sun shining brightly
The clouds rolling by
The last days of winter
Now seem so far away
And everything looks green

When it used to be grey
And I’ve watched the change
Like the changing in my mind
And I chased the leaves
Like the words I never find
Like the people I knew
Who I sometimes see today
Some still bright like fire
And some faded away
THE LEVELLERS – The Last Days Of Winter

beige faux fur

violet sunglasses

street look vintage

nike sneakers

purple aviator sunglasses

vintage denim overalls

stone wash overalls

acid wash overalls

90s girl

90s girl

purple sunglases vintage

beige faux fur

deesem blog

spring street outfit

vintage denim overalls and bag – Aunt Gertrude Vintage Shop, coat – Rivel Island, sneakers – NIKE, sunglasses – BORN86

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